Dinky Dragons1 x week @ £25/month
Lil' Dragons: 1 x week @ £30/month
Juniors: 1 x week @ £30/month
Adults: JKD & Kali £50/month
Muay Thai & Submission Wrestling £50/month
Unlimited @ £75/month
(under 18's £60/month)
Ladies Class: 1 x week @ £30/month


Monday4.00pm-4.30pmDinky Dragons Mixed Martial Arts (3-4yrs)
Monday4.30pm-5.15pmLil' Dragons Mixed Martial Arts (5-7yrs)
Monday5.30pm-6.30pmJunior Mixed Martial Arts (8yrs+)
Monday7.00pm-8.00pmFilipino Martial Arts/Kali (adults)
Monday8.00pm-9.00pmJeet Kune Do (adults)
Tuesday4.00pm-4.30pmDinky Dragons Mixed Martial Arts (3-4yrs)
Tuesday4.30pm-5.15pmLil' Dragons Mixed Martial Arts (5-7yrs)
Tuesday5.30pm-6.30pmJunior Mixed Martial Arts (8yrs+)
Tuesday7.00pm-8.00pmMuay Thai (adults)
Tuesday8.00pm-9.00pmSubmission Wrestling (adults)
Wednesday4.30pm-5.15pmLil' Dragons Mixed Martial Arts (5-7yrs)
Wednesday5.30pm-6.30pmJunior Mixed Martial Arts (8yrs+)
Wednesday7.00pm-8.00pmLadies Kickboxing & Self Defence (adults)
Wednesday8.00pm-9.00pmJeet Kune Do (adults)
Wednesday9.00pm-10.00pmFilipino Martial Arts/Kali (adults)
Thursday4.30pm-5.15pmLil' Dragons Mixed Martial Arts (5-7yrs)
Thursday5.30pm-6.30pmJunior Mixed Martial Arts (8yrs+)
Thursday7.00pm-8.00pmMuay Thai (adults)
Thursday8.00pm-9.00pmSubmission Wrestling (adults)

Adult Classes

Adult Membership- Our adult programme offers high energy classes in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling. Our mission is helping others to reach their maximum potential through the study of Martial Arts, creating healthy, happy people. You can expect to increase your strength, cardio and self confidence while learning functional martial arts skills. There are 2 classes each week in each of the styles we teach. You can either train in one style or join as a full member and be a complete martial artist. Classes are always fun and energetic with an emphasis on ‘function, not fiction’. 

Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan Gung Fu-
 This is the art created by Bruce Lee. The class emphasises the Jun Fan method of Kickboxing which is Bruce Lee's unique blend of various striking arts. Classes include striking pads (padwork), technical skills (glove drills) and live sparring. Beginners are welcome to train padwork and glove drills only if they do not wish to join in the sparring section.

Filipino Martial Arts (Kali)- 
This class is in the Filipino Art of Kali. You will learn a blend of weaponry and empty hand techniques. The main weapons we teach are single stick, double stick, stick and knife, and single knife. The empty hand element contains Kicking, punching, close quarter and grappling. Students get the opportunity to armour up and test their skills in live stick sparring.

Muay Thai- In the Muay Thai class there is an emphasis on physical conditioning. Kicks, knees, punches and elbows are trained along with clinch work. Much like the JKD class there is padwork, technical skills and live sparring. Beginners are welcome to train padwork and glove drills only if they do not wish to join in the sparring section.

Submission Wrestling- The Submission Wrestling class includes both stand up wrestling as well as ground fighting skills. It is a blend of Greco Roman, Freestyle and Catch Wrestling, Japanese Judo and Shooto, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Filipino Dumog. You will learn various ways to take an opponent down to the ground and how to defend the takedown. While on the ground you will learn pins, controls, escapes and submissions from all positions.

Ladies Kickboxing & Self Defence- Our ladies only class is taught by Rachael McLeod and is geared towards a healthy workout while developing fundamental martial arts skills. The class emphasises Kickboxing drills with a partner and striking pads. Basic escapes from common self defence scenarios are also addressed. Weapons training is thrown in from time to time to mix up your skills. A great workout that always ends on a high!

Childrens Classes

Dinky Dragons Mixed Martial Arts, Ages 3-4- Our Dinky Dragons classes for ages 3-4 years, focus on developing basic coordination skills and balance through various games developed specifically to introduce the child to the basic skills of Mixed Martial Arts. Your child will also develop social skills and have reinforced learning of left and right, different colours and counting. Classes are loud and energetic and guaranteed to help keep your child fit and healthy. We focus on ‘Play as the Way’ as children (and adults) learn better that way. Kids love it!

Lil’ Dragons Mixed Martial Arts, Ages 5-7- Lil’ Dragons classes for ages 5-7 years help kids develop self control, respect for others and a positive attitude while learning the basic techniques of Mixed Martial Arts through various games. This is a great follow on class for our Dinky Dragons to further develop their skills or for the new comer. In these classes, the children now start to contest their Mixed Martial Arts skills with each other in various games and sparring. We use a coloured t-shirt grading system to instil a sense of commitment and achievement based on attendance and attitude. Much like our Dinky Dragons classes, having fun is an important part, with ‘Play as the Way’ still being the guiding principle.
Equipment required: Boxing Gloves.

Junior Mixed Martial Arts, Ages 8+ 
- The Junior classes provides a fun Mixed Martial Arts curriculum while instilling the positive, life-changing benefits of a sporting endeavour. Respect for others, self confidence, team work and self control are just a few of the attributes our juniors develop along with a much deeper understanding of the Mixed Martial Arts skills they are learning. Like our Lil’ Dragons programme, we use a coloured t-shirt grading system based on attendance and attitude. Our Junior classes emphasize ‘Play as the Way’ while learning functional martial arts skills and are a great workout as well!
Equipment required: Gumshield, Groin Box, Shin Guards and Boxing Gloves.