Blog Article: Stick Play 1998

Stick Play 1998 - 01/04/2015

Here is a clip of myself and one of my old students Dan Mee during a British Team training session in preparation for the World Championships in 1998, Cebu, Philippines. The team was very strong that year and I had the honour of being team captain (as well as sporting a crazy haircut).

I brought 3 of my students from the McLeod Academy with me, Dan Mee, Mike Jacks and Gavin Hughes, all very strong stick fighters and all had won British and European titles.

The sparring in the video clip is known as Corto sparring with the term corto meaning close range. The idea is to have a relationship with your training partner through play which in turn will develop your skills greatly. Thai Boxers have a similar idea with their play sparring which is used to develop skill in techniques rather than defeat or get the upper hand on your training partner. Exchanging offensive technique is encouraged and allowing your partner to use their offensive skills will then allow you to work on your defensive skills with safety being of the utmost importance.

I hope you enjoy the clip.

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All the best, Neil.

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