Blog Article: Kickboxing Drills - January 2015

Kickboxing Drills - January 2015 - 08/02/2015

'Repetition is the mother of skill.'

Repetition is important in any activity, especially in the beginning stages of study. In martial arts it is very important to have various drilling methods to maximise your growth.

In this 'quick video' you will see the Kickboxing drills we worked on at the McLeod Academy in January 2015.

These are basic drills to develop a specific reactions to a specific techniques. Above all, the eyes (in reality, the brain) are being trained to recognise the shape of the opponent's body whilst they launch their attack.

The drills you see are as follows:
1. Jab Catch Drill (Filipino Boxing/Panantukan)
2. Cross Loop Drill (Filipino Boxing/Panantukan)
3. Hooking Loop Drill (Filipino Boxing/Panantukan)
4. 4-Count Drill (Thai Boxing/Muay Thai)

This video does not contain instruction (that will be for future videos), but will serve as an overview for members of the McLeod Academy.

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All the best, Neil.

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