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Welcome to the McLeod Academy of Mixed Martial Arts


Welcome to the McLeod Academy. We are a fully equipped martial arts gym with classes for everyone from the age of 5 onwards.
The arts we teach are Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial ArtsMuay Thai, Combat Submission Wrestling and Kids Mixed Martial Arts.

Our mission at the McLeod Academy is to help others to reach their maximum potential through the vehicle of Martial Arts, creating healthy, happy people.

People decide to train in Martial Arts for a variety of reasons.

Self Defence- The Styles we Teach are Effective for Combat Sports or Self Defence!
Fitness- Our Classes are High Energy and Guaranteed to Burn Numerous Calories!
Confidence-  The Martial Arts Lifestyle will Help you Develop a Confidence that is Second to None!
Socialise- Our Classes involve Working with Others in a Friendly Manner. Together we Grow!

Many of the qualities you develop through Martial Arts training are 'life skills' and are essential for achieving growth in other areas of life. Focus, will power, determination, motivation, enthusiasm and never quitting are great personality traits to acquire.

You are welcome to come and watch our classes before you try one out. Our address is, McLeod Academy 
2nd Floor, Gymfit4less, Unit 2, Britannia Walk, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP20 1QRMore Info 

Adult classes
: Call Neil McLeod on 07788 714177.
Children's classes: Call Rachael McLeod on 07754 121053.


The McLeod Academy is a membership only club. For the safety of our members, you cannot turn up and pay per class. There are limited numbers for childrens classes and many have waiting lists so please call to check availability and avoid disappointment.


At the McLeod Academy we teach functional martial arts skills that can be applied under pressure in a sporting environment such as Mixed Martial Arts competition or in a self defence situation. Our Chief Coach, Neil McLeod has trained extensively in many martial arts and has 'Black Belt' credentials in Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD, Kali, Muay Thai and Combat Submission Wrestling. Using Bruce Lee's philosophy of 'absorb what is useful and reject what is useless', we have taken the most functional techniques and training methods from these arts to teach to you under one roof.   Class info...


The coaches at the McLeod Academy are Neil and Rachael McLeod. Both are Instructors under Bruce Lee's protege Sifu/Guro Dan Inosanto. They have British, European and World titles between them in a variety of disciplines. Neil has travelled all over the world to train in many martial arts styles and has taken the most effective training methods and techniques to pass on to you under one roof. Neil teaches all of the adult classes at the McLeod Academy. Rachael has studied intensively in all aspects of combat and has Black Belt credentials in many styles. Rachael is the senior coach for our childrens' programme.

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Children: 1 class/week @ £30/month
Adults: 1 class/week @ £30/month
    2-4 classes/week  @ £50/month
    Unlimited @ £75/month


Adult classes: Call Neil on 07788 714177.
Childrens classes: Call Rachael on 07754 121053.
Alternatively email us at






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